Fridòr - Perfect Frying

The innovative frying blend by Olitalia

Fridòr is a special blend of vegetable oils made specifically for creating the perfect deep fry. It makes sure you achieve that golden and wonderfully aromatic deep fry every time, with less froth, browning and smoke, thus guaranteeing a higher number of frying cycles. Fridòr has been selected and advised by the Italian Professional Chefs Association.

Serving Suggestion

Suggested use


Thanks to its high resistance to chemical degrading reactions, FRIDÒR remains fluid duing the frying process, ensuring dry and crunchy foods.

The oxidative stability of FRIDÒR increases the number of frying cycles and reduces the production of smoke and unpleasant odors.

Since FRIDÒR greatly resists oxidative reactions and breakdown, it has several assets during the frying process compared with substitute oils (bifractionated palm-oil such as soybean oil, sunflower oil).

Fridòr is perfect for frying all types of food.